Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

Customer information
Curiously Bespoke is very conscientious of the buyers privacy. Please read our privacy policy for more details.


The buyer is referring to the person or company purchasing
The goods is referring to all items purchased from Curiously Bespoke

1. All goods purchased from Curiously Bespoke by the buyer is subject to these terms and conditions, unless otherwise confirmed in writing prior to purchasing.
2. By purchasing from Curiously Bespoke the buyer is agreeing to these terms and conditions
3. Curiously Bespoke reserves the right to substitute or remove and/or information which includes a change of price without prior notice
4. Curiously Bespoke reserves the right to cease, suspend or restrict access to the site without notice, although wherever possible notice will be given
5. Curiously Bespoke makes every effort to make sure the description, photographs, and measurements are as close to the actual product as possible although it may vary slightly
6. Curiously Bespoke is not liable for any loss, inconvenience or damage that the buyer may incur from any information contained on the site, except the term as and conditions of sale where appropriate which is covered by law
7. Curiously Bespoke, where possible, make sure all information and products are as up to date as possible, and are not responsible for any slight variation of colour.
8. There maybe a slight variation in shade, colour, design or completed product due to some items being handmade
9. Curiously Bespoke does everything it can to ensure all goods the buyer has purchased arrive in the best condition, in which the left us, and the buyer is completely satisfied. However, Curiously Bespoke has no control over delays or dissatisfaction caused by industrial action, fires, floods or accidents
10. Damaged goods should be reported to Curiously Bespoke as soon as possible but no later than 14 days after the buyer has recieved the goods. The buyer maybe asked to provide photographic proof. Curiously Bespoke is not responsible for any damage that occurs after the buyer has recieved the goods.
11. Completion of ordering does not mean the buyers order has been accepted. Curiously Bespoke will issue a dispatch notice when the buyers order has been accepted, approved and processed.
12. Curiously Bespoke aims to process orders in 48 working hours and, where possible, dispatched using Royal Mail or a reputable courier depending on the size of the parcel
13. The buyer’s right to cancel is limited to 14 days.
14. For returns information please see our returns policy
15. The buyer must respond to any communication from Curiously Bespoke within 7 days or your order may be cancelled and refunded.
16. Curiously Bespoke reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without notice

These terms and conditions are governed by English Law
Terms and conditions have been written by Gail Devereux, sole owner of Curiously Bespoke
32, Medway rd
Da1 4pw

Knife/blade policy

Offensive weapons act
It is an offence to sell knives, knife blades or any other product perceived as an offensive weapon to an under 18 year old. These products are only available to a buyer over 18. By ordering these products the buyer is agreeing to Curiously Bespoke’s terms and conditions that they are over 18.
Curiously Bespoke will check for confirmation of proof of age and may ask for proof of photographic legal document, for example but not limited to a driving licence or passport, to be sure of compliance with the law
Once Curiously Bespoke has confirmed the buyers age I.D will be deleted or destroyed. A record will be made of the buyers proof of age. If Curiously Bespoke can not verify the buyers age within 7 days the order will be cancelled and refunded. Again a record, of refusal, will be kept. All records kept are secure and confidential.
Please dispose of all blades in accordance to the buyers local authority or government guidlines