I’m Gail, the creator and owner of Curiously Bespoke.

I started my business back in 2015 when I learned how to book fold. I had seen book folds online when looking for a unique gift for my Nan, wanting something to celebrate what would have been her and my Granddad’s 60th Wedding Anniversary, had my Granddad not sadly passed away.

After a search on Facebook I stumbled across Craftyhana  and I started playing with folding books, finding it strangely addictive, and I was fascinated at how you could take a simple book and make it into something visually amazing. Hana suggested that I further my crafting knowledge by looking at the art of paper cutting, paying particular attention to the paper artist Paper Panda. By finding her group on Facebook it wasn’t long until I had learned this new craft too. During the process of becoming addicted to cutting holes in pretty pieces of paper I had already set up my Facebook page Curiously Bespoke to sell folded books as people had started to commission work from me.

Over the next year or so paper took over my life. I started collecting it as you never know when it will come in useful! Over the last three years I have been lucky enough to work with the lovely Louise Firchau (Paper Panda), I have test cut some of her beautiful designs along with a range of other artists designs, progressing my own abilities and confidence.

Recently I was  given the opportunity to buy the paper supply business from Paper Panda, supplying to fellow crafters, and it seemed like such a natural progression in the evolution of Curiously Bespoke. I now have good reason to continue to buy amazing products to make pretty things and to help fellow crafters indulge their paper addictions.

Gail. X